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The Dallas Observer Is Looking for a New Food Editor

If you love food and journalism with equal fervor, we've got the job for you.
If you love food and journalism with equal fervor, we've got the job for you. Kathy Tran
Nothing's official anymore until it's Facebook-official, so now that the news has been announced on Facebook (and Twitter, Instagram and in D Magazine), it finally feels real: After three years and a half years at the helm of the Dallas Observer's food and drink coverage, I'm moving on to take a job as entertainment editor at the Denver Post.

But, dear reader, my loss could be your gain, as the Observer is looking for a food editor to take over when I run off to the land of picturesque mountains and legal recreational cannabis. If you're an intrepid journalist with editing and writing experience and a deep, unending love for food and all the ways it touches on our North Texas universe, you should apply by sending a resume, cover letter and links to three recent pieces to [email protected]. Take it from me: It's a rad job with a rad team of misfit journalists, and it's a job that has brought me unending adventure and good eats over the last three and a half years.

I'll spare you the platitudes of how much I loved working here (I did) and how much I'll miss Dallas (I really, really will), but I will say this: If there was one thing I'm most proud of in my time as the Observer's food editor, it's not any of my cover stories or our amazing Top 100 Dallas Restaurants feature or even that time I covered an underground cannabis dinner in Dallas, where cannabis is still very much illegal. It's publishing this beautiful, Pulitzer Prize-worthy photo Nick Rallo took of the burger at Dairy-Ette:

Behold, the greatest food photo in the history of food photos.
Nick Rallo
It's my greatest journalistic accomplishment to date. And also ... I'm hungry.
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