The Evolution Of Rangers Ballpark Food Through Two Classics

We've written plenty about the new massive food monsters available at Rangers Ballpark, but while I was at a game recently I was able to see them next to their old school counterparts. It's kind of shocking how far things have come in recent years, and makes you wonder how far this trend will carry. See also: - Texas Rangers Invested in a Plethora of Glorious Gut Bombs This Off Season. Our Top Ten. - Commodity Nachos Invented in Texas: Now They're Absolutely Everywhere

Remember the ballpark hot dog? Things used to be simple back in the day. A little mustard, a little onion, that little section of bun that's always left over when you've finished your seventh inning snack. Of course that same old dog is still available in a foil wrapped pouch for $5. But it doesn't look very impressive next to its present day counterpart.

I wish I had them side by side in the same photo, but you get the idea. The boomstick is a monster. Of course you'll have to fork over $26 -- nearly five times what your old man's hot dog will set you back.

It's not just the hot dogs either. Nachos, the very nachos that got started right here in Arlington, have been experiencing their own super-sized-mutant-revolution. Nachos used to be simple. Just a little canned processed cheese food diluted with water and the brine from pickled jalapeños.

This dish that I had at a recent ball game has me wondering if a little more water has wandered into the mix but whatever, it only cost me $6.50. You have to fork over $16.75 for the helmet version.

Of course it's nearly the size of a soccer ball and topped with queso blanco (which tastes a lot like processed cheese food), brisket, sour cream, Doritos, jalapeños, lettuce, onions and tomatoes. It almost seems like a value.

It makes you wonder what they'll come up with next. My money is on a burger the size of a Frisbee topped with chili, fritos and seven types of cheese.

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