The Great Pumpkin Conspiracy? Annual Pumpkin Shortage Seemingly Affects Nobody

While skimming through Eater's news feed this morning an item caught my eye: "More Pie Fives On Order; Northeast Pumpkin Shortage". The pumpkin shortage stuck out because I thought I remembered seeing it last year.

I switched from canned to fresh pumpkin a few years back for my annual pumpkin pie, and news of a shortage inflamed a short-lived neurosis last fall. Fresh ingredients are almost always better, and the results from peeling and boiling down your own squash are noticeable. Fresh pumpkin was supposed to be affected more than canned, but all fruit could be impacted according to the stories. I was distraught; how was I going to deal with this impending pumpkin crisis?

But fall came and went, and pumpkin pies were made and consumed. I bought my pumpkin at the grocery like I always did, and canned pumpkin was available like it always is too.

A quick Google search turned up the pumpkin shortage of 2010, the pumpkin shortage of 2009, and then more dramatically the great pumpkin shortage of 2006.

What gives? Have you guys been left pumpkinless and bereft by this series of travesties? Ignore your pumpkin spice latte's (there's no pumpkin in them) and focus on your pumpkin baking. Are you buying into the hype and stocking up on gourds for the impending shortage (it is, after all, gourd season, mother fucker) or do you think this years stories are more of the same, lame pumpkin hype.

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.