The Rangers Now Serve a Texas Taco Dog, Which Is Exactly What It Sounds Like

Words just really ... I mean we usually ... but, this time ...

We're thinking that wiener news has peaked, and we're thinking the name of that monstrosity up there needs to reflect its distinctive essence.

According to the Rangers, though, this new culinary creation is simply called the Texas Taco Dog. But we can do better. So we voted and in a landslide have collectively coined it the Carlos Danger Dog. We hope you join us in the renaming of this taco dog.

The Carlos Danger Dog, which is sold behind section 25 in Casa de Fuego, is made with a Nolan Ryan all-beef jumbo hot dog, which is split and loaded with taco meat, topped with cheese, lettuce, sour cream and jalapeños, all stuffed inside a crunch taco shell, which is then tucked into a toasted sausage roll with nacho cheese Doritos.

Additionally, Metroplex Sportservice (the food provider at the Ballpark in Arlington) has created a Mitch Wich Wild, which is made with buffalo, elk, chorizo and bacon; all topped with jalapeños and cheese on a sourdough bun. You can find the Wild at Texas Sized 24 near section 29 on the main concourse.

We're fine with keeping the name the same here.

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