This One's a Shocker: Remedy is Closing and Reopening as an American/Chinese Restaurant

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We certainly can't say we saw this one coming: Remedy, the beloved modern soda fountain/purveyor of one of Dallas' best burgers, is closing Dec. 31 after dinner service, "with plans to open an American/Chinese restaurant in its place late spring/early summer of 2017," according to a press release. "Kirstyn Brewer [most recently of Victor Tangos] recently joined the culinary team and will act as executive chef for the yet-to-be-named restaurant. "

More details from the release:

Earlier this year, 80/20 (parent company of HG Sply Co., Standard Service) was given the chance to take over the Project Pie space next to Remedy. After finalizing the lease and working on initial design and concept, they knew they wanted a dynamic space to fit an equally dynamic concept. It became clear that combining both spaces into one made the most sense for the team and for Greenville Avenue.

(Chef Danyele) McPherson, who joined 80/20 Hospitality in March of 2014 as the Executive Chef of Remedy says, “Remedy was the first restaurant I had ever opened. I was picking out stoves, plates, sauté pans, creating recipes, typing up order guides, being fully immersed in every aspect of the restaurant for the first time. Getting to use both my left and right brain was exhilarating. Remedy was the beginning of a job that I never imagined possible yet now find a reality.”

Shortly after Remedy opened its doors in January of 2015 McPherson was tasked not only with the chef duties of Remedy, but also assisting with the menu development and back of the house operations of HG SPLY CO Dallas. Next, it was HG SPLY CO in Ft. Worth and most recently Standard Service in Rockwall. Throughout all of these projects, her role began to change from that which she had been originally hired. 

“I was no longer expo-ing service every night and doing orders. I was learning to let great managers and chefs lead the daily charge in each restaurant and take a hard look at what I could do to make their job easier or more rewarding. I decided that the most important part of my job was in assisting other leaders at being great. Our company is currently at a turning point with exciting growth plans for the future. It is time to expand our culinary department to incorporate the talents of other great chefs. Kirstyn Brewer is an incredibly talented chef. Her ability and dedication to her craft showed in every plate at Victor Tangos.

"I can’t wait for Dallas to experience what she can do when she gets to cook the cuisine in which she is the most passionate. In my role as Culinary Director for 80/20 Hospitality, I will be behind her every step of the way and look forward to bringing in more talented chefs as we grow. So for now, come visit us! Raise a glass, dunk your bologna sandwich in tomato soup, eat The Bob Sundae and look forward to what is to come!”

If you crave a Bob Sundae or that phenomenal burger, better get while the gettin's good.  

Remedy, 2010 Greenville Ave.

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