Three Egg Muffins has both savory and sweet options, none of which will cost you more than $3.EXPAND
Three Egg Muffins has both savory and sweet options, none of which will cost you more than $3.
Paige Weaver

A New Cafe Brings Inexpensive Breakfast Options and Coffee to East Dallas

A new breakfast spot has opened on Greenville Avenue.

Three Egg Muffins is a coffee shop and cafe specializing in — you guessed it — muffins. Across from Snuffer’s Restaurant and Bar, this small eatery is open daily, serving both sweet and savory muffins.

Owner DongWhun Lee has been in the restaurant industry for more than 20 years. He got his start as a bartender but had a love for cooking since he was old enough to turn on a gas stove and handle a knife.

After bartending, he worked in and ran Japanese restaurants, but the desire for a lifestyle change caused him to rethink his focus.

“I wanted to change my job from night to morning work because of my three kids,” Lee says.

He settled on a breakfast and coffee concept because of his love for the meal and his desire to provide more inexpensive options.

“My parents are breakfast people; they think breakfast is the most important meal,” Lee says. “I do, too, and I also love coffee.”

Savory muffins have a whole egg inside, while sweet varieties have a cream cheese center.EXPAND
Savory muffins have a whole egg inside, while sweet varieties have a cream cheese center.
Paige Weaver

“In DFW, we’ve gotten so many new restaurants and cafes in the last 10 years, but it’s getting more expensive for breakfast,” Lee says. “It can be $15-20 for breakfast with coffee. Sometimes I want a fancy breakfast like that, but not always.”

Lee’s goal is to provide tasty, healthy and affordable options. He wants you to be able to walk out of Three Egg Muffins with breakfast and coffee for around $5.

He chose Lowest Greenville because of its location and culture.

“There are many good restaurants that my wife and I love. And my muffins are kind of new and unique, and I think people in this area will enjoy them," he says.

Most of the savory muffins on the menu have a whole egg baked inside, surrounded by muffin breading and topped with cheese and meat or vegetables.

Options include bacon and cheddar, maple sausage, Parmesan chicken and veggie delite, with mushrooms, tomatoes, spinach, onions, mozzarella and feta ($2.49 each).

Inspiration for these savory muffins came from a variety of popular breakfast dishes — quiche, frittata, eggs Benedict, biscuits and, of course, muffins. He took elements of these dishes and combined them in a muffin pan.

Three Egg Muffins also offers sweet muffin varieties, such as banana nut, peach-cream cheese, cookies and cream cheese and dark chocolate-cream cheese ($2.49 each).

These sweet muffins have a pocket of cream cheese in the center, and the fruit flavors have large pieces of peach and banana baked into the top of the muffin.

Lee’s favorite savory muffin is the bacon and cheddar, and banana nut is his favorite sweet option.

Three Egg Muffins has a full coffee and espresso bar, with pour-over coffee ($2.50), Americanos ($2.50), cappuccinos ($3), mochas ($3), green tea lattes ($3), hot chocolate ($2.50) and more. Nothing on the drink menu is more than $3.

Three Egg Muffins, 3607 Greenville Ave. (Lower Greenville). 469-578-6057. 7 a.m.-3 p.m. daily.

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