To Drink Beer is Divine: St. Arnold Releases
Its English Barley Wine

This is officially old news in Houston, but Dallas drinkers have been surprisingly quiet on the topic of St. Arnold Brewing Company's Divine Release No. 10.

The Houston brewery annually releases an English barley wine, tweaking the recipe each year. (Ed. note: turns out this beer isn't released annually and isn't always a barley wine, despite what we were told. Sorry.) It arrived at major groceries and select pubs today, sending Houston beer lovers into a frenzied search for the cult favorite.

"It does sell out within a day or two," confirmed St. Arnold's office manager Kathy Cowell.

According to tweets from frustrated seekers in Houston, the beverage has already vanished from many stores around the city.

"No #DR10 to be found anywhere," read a tweet sent around 4 p.m. "Now I know what all those kids who didn't find a golden Wonka ticket felt like."

Houstonians who weren't fortunate enough to find their own six packs tweeted trade offers, and took to Twitter to scold newcomers to the Divine Release fold.

"Never tried barley wine?" JamesWreck tweeted. "Please don't share your opinion of #DR10. You will piss off a lot of true beer enthusiasts that missed out."

Dallas apparently took his advice: At 5 p.m., nobody in the city had tweeted a word about the drink -- much to Cowell's surprise.

"You should be seeing it out there," she said of the drink, which this year's clocking in at 11 percent ABV. "It's crazy here."

Despite the lack of chatter, Cowell predicts the barley wine will sell out as quickly in Dallas as it does in Houston.

"Good luck finding it," she says.

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