Truluck’s Is Giving You a Fall Cocktail Worth Ditching the Family for an Hour

The Upper Manhattan, Paper Plane, Fireside Chat and Fig Manhattan cocktails at Truluck's right now.
The Upper Manhattan, Paper Plane, Fireside Chat and Fig Manhattan cocktails at Truluck's right now. Truluck's
With Thanksgiving a week away, we're all looking for a little respite from the impending holidays and, undoubtedly, the dreaded inundation of required family time. Truluck's wants you to know they're here for you. Or at least their cocktails are.

For the fall season, the seafood and steak safe haven has been offering a handful of cocktails to entertain. We were over the moon for their Upper Manhattan, one of the four on the limited offerings list.

This little tipple brings us a butter-washed rye whiskey to give the cocktail a wildly rich, deep flavor. (Remember fat-washed cocktails? It's still a thing.) Rounding out the cocktail, they add a touch of vermouth for a light herb element, include black walnut bitters for just the slightest bitterness from the walnut and round it out with maple syrup for sweetness.

Now, all you have to do is make up a meeting that must take place over cocktails ... and no, Mom, you can't come.

Upper Manhattan ($18.50, $9.25 at happy hour): butter-washed rye, Chinato vermouth, maple syrup, black walnut bitters 
Note: While you may be like us and taken aback at the price tag of this Manhattan ($18.50), we’ll remind you their happy hour boasts select cocktails at half price (this one at $9.25). And $18.50 is a bargain compared with the therapist bills you can avoid by taking an hour to decompress.

Truluck's, 2401 McKinney Ave. (Uptown); 1420 Plaza Place (Southlake)
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Susie Oszustowicz