11 Dallas Haunted Attractions to Chill Your Blood This Halloween

Dallas is terrifying for many reasons — traffic, SMU students, Uptown — and October really allows our city to shine with a greenish, nacreous glow from a plethora of haunted houses and scary attractions. Who doesn’t want to get chased through a field by a person screaming and waving a chainsaw? We don’t, but maybe you do, so pull up those Depends and head to one of these joints.

Parker House

Denton, $23-35
An interactive, mid-century haunted house located in a fine arts university town? Count us in. The story is of a former mortuary that housed a young woman who became mentally ill and started murdering people, keeping her abode in business. That's capitalism for you.


Deep Ellum, $23

We hear this one is not quite as scary as some of the other options, but hey, it’s in Deep Ellum and who doesn’t want to drunkenly stumble through a haunted house close to home? You can usually find a deal on Groupon. For a real horror show, hit this on a Thursday and then stumble down the street to Good Luck Karaoke.

Waxahachie, $27
Y'all been to the Scarborough Faire? Of course you have. This creepy haunted-house takes refuge at the Scarborough Fair site and offers a myriad of bone-chilling attractions. In addition to the three haunted houses, there are a ton of costume-clad actors, a CarnEvil Clown maze (oh hell no) and Ghoulish Graveyard. The only question is, which fright-packed house will you wander through first? We've got our money on the Hotel of Horror.

Dark Hour Haunted House
Plano, $26-65

The Dark Hour Haunted House believes in putting a little bit of terror into each holiday, not just the traditionally terrifying All Hallows Eve. With two haunted houses to choose from, the combo pack is the best way to go for the full experience. With this many shows throughout the year, if you truly love a good haunt, we’d suggest springing for the season pass. But hey, if you don’t make it to the haunted house in October you can always catch the coven uncover Wreck the Halls in December.

Bridgeport, $20-25

I was scared the moment I saw “Bridgeport” as the destination. Although Fearphobia is probably not as terrifying as traveling on Interstate 35 after TX/OU weekend, we have to ask if a 20-minute drive and $25 admission is worth a good scare. If the scare really is good, the answer is yes.This year the attraction is held at an abandoned school building that dates to 1929 ... that's promising. (Pro tip: mention seeing their Facebook post, they’ll knock $5 off your admission).

The Crypt
Farmersville, $20

The Crypt, located about 12 miles east of McKinney, takes refuge in an old farmhouse butted up next to Crystal Lake. The haunted attraction even offers a kid-friendly version on October 25 from 3-6 p.m. with no actors, just special effects. Hell, one sinister couple even got married here last year.

Terror Trails
Yantis, $10-$19
Yantis? Where the hell is Yantis? About an hour and a half east of Plano, woof. You can make this treacherous trek to enjoy a haunted house and a little fresh air with your fear along a haunted trail. In addition to getting your haunt on, you can enjoy (if you pay first) some tasty concessions.

Reindeer Manor

Red Oak, $15-$35
Reindeer Manor Halloween Park is Texas’ oldest haunted house attraction, with three different haunted houses to experience. This thrill seekers attraction seems to have catered better to horror junkies pre-2014 when the establishment began running under new owners. For a drive just 20 miles south of Dallas and a rather affordable rate, we think it’s worth a shot. if you dare.

Cutting Edge Haunted House

Fort Worth, $30-50
Holding two 2015 Guinness World Records, Cutting Edge Haunted House is not only the largest haunted attraction in Texas, it is also the largest walk-through attraction … in the world. If you have a fear of closets — or bubbles, separately — we suggest you give this haunted house a second glance. Heads up, parking is going to cost you an additional $10, and as with most of these places, it's cash only. (And why are you afraid of bubbles, anyway?)

The Boneyard (above) 

Arlington, $35-45

This suspenseful haunted house is terrifying enough to unnerve the most stable of visitors.The average walk-through time is about 50 minutes, and Fort Worth Paranormal says the the massive space that makes up the Boneyard is actually haunted. Are you willing to find out for yourself?

Hangman’s House of Horrors

Fort Worth, $25-35

OK, despite being what seems like a rather legitimate haunted house, this organization offers a team-building service. Who wants to take a ropes course when you could work together to figure out a zombie apocalypse survival plan? You read that correctly. Bosses day is next week … this is totally worth a mention, you know, in the card you’re getting your boss.

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.