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13 Awesome Things To Do This Weekend in Dallas: August 2 to 5

Sunday's vintage swimwear party at the F.O.E. is going to be a lot like this, but with more making out and better music.

I'm not sure how Dallas is managing it, but the weekends keep out-doing themselves. I'm already popping ibuprofen in preparation for Monday's hangover. Just look at this list! There's two completely unmissable art shows on Saturday, a beer launch from Deep Ellum Brewery on Friday, a poolside screening at the Belmont on Thursday and the summer's biggest F.O.E. party on Sunday. Stock up on Emergen-c, share this list with your party gang and drink lots of water. Also, click the event titles for more information. I'll see you out there. (I'll be the one double-fisting.)

Thursday 8.2 QuakeCon -- Gamers, this is your weekend to shine. Go ahead, just wipe that Cheeto dust right on your pants, there are no judgies at the world's largest LAN party.

Ku De Ta is Having A Dance Party -- So, Ku De Ta is the not-so-secret but still kind-of-a-secret pool behind Three Sheets. It's a gorgeous salt water thing surrounded by cabanas and a hyper-attentive wait staff. You need a membership to go on any other night, but on Thursdays the 'Ta is open to the public for a dance party. If you have zero plans of ever attempting to get a membership, I dare you to cannonball.

Alter Ego Sticky Party -- If you're just going to sit at home tonight wearing lycra pants and an electrical tape push-up bra, why don't you venture out and spend the evening with like-minded folks? Here's your chance. Don't say I never gave ya' nothin'.

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