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The Whippersnapper Shoots for the Blue Sky with New Breaking Bad Themed Pop-Up Bar

You can be the one who knocks on The Whippersnapper's brick wall entrance, painted as Walter White's mobile meth lab.
You can be the one who knocks on The Whippersnapper's brick wall entrance, painted as Walter White's mobile meth lab. The Whippersnapper
If it wasn't for the critically acclaimed and fan-beloved AMC show Breaking Bad, methamphetamines would not be an acceptable theme for any gathering place — except, of course, at actual meth dens.

The Whippersnapper on McMillian Avenue in the Henderson Avenue development is getting the Heinsenberg treatment with a new Breaking Bad themed pop-up bar from 6 p.m.-2 a.m. starting this Wednesday, according to the bar's Facebook page.

The beloved Dallas dive's new concept aims to "focus on the career of Walter White from school teacher to enterprising drug lord," according to the event description. The bar's new look is bound to include special drinks with some kind of imitation-meth garnish, a food menu from Pollos Hermanos, Albequerque bar décor, costumed guests, interactive experiences and a few more surprises.

And in case you're wondering what the people behind the greatest TV show of the 21st century so far think of the bar's interactive tribute, actor Dean Norris, who played the hard-edged Drug Enforcement Administration agent Hank Schrader, recorded and posted a video invitation and endorsement of the new place. Phillip Schanbaum, one half of the bar's design duo This and That Hospitality, shared the message on his social media. 

Posted by The Whippersnapper on Saturday, January 16, 2021

The Whippersnapper has earned a solid reputation for pop-culture pop-up experiences based on TV and movie franchises. Some of their previous transformations have turned the dive bar into The Drunken Clam from Family Guy, the Dunder Whiplin [sic] headquarters for its tribute to The Office and The Leaky Cauldron from the Harry Potter book and film canon.

The timing also couldn't be better for a Breaking Bad pop-up, Schanbaum wrote on the bar's Facebook page.

“We’ve received a ton of requests for another pop up at The Whippersnapper," Schanbaum wrote. "The previous themes have had overwhelming success and we think it would be nice to start 2021 off on a positive note…. While maintaining a safe atmosphere during our current Covid environment. This theme works well considering we always encourage our guests to dress up in costume, but this time the mask is required as it is in all chemical cook labs.”
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