Dallas Buys a Lot of Sex Toys, According to New Data

Congrats, Dallas
Congrats, Dallas iStock/Denisfilm

Dallas is one of the sexiest cities in America, and it’s not the first time we've been called that.

Earlier this month, Dallas landed at No. 6 on a list, which was based on more than simply curb appeal, and created by Pink Cherry, an online sex toy vendor out of Canada.

“The ranking is based on our annual sales data for these cities [with populations more than 150,000],” says Lana Grypych, the company’s spokeswoman. “We also take into account the population and calculate sex toy sales per person. Otherwise, largest cities would appear to be sexiest.”

When compared with American cities both large and small, Dallas swaggered in at No. 33.

Based on the big city data, Dallas was a bit sexier in 2016, ranking third in the nation. That’s the year Mayor Mike Rawlings and others banished an eXXXotica convention from the city in order to protect Dallas’ sparkling image. Despite the ban, and showing a surge of resilience, citizens were sexier than ever the following year. According to Pink Cherry’s data, Dallas led the sexy city list for 2017 at No. 1 in the nation.

And Dallas alone earned the designation, Grypych says, explaining that the data did not include sales from surrounding cities but only from online purchases made within Dallas’ city limits.

While not quite as sexy, but certainly no wallflower, Arlington was rated No. 34 on this year’s big city list. Houston and Austin were a few other large Texas cities that made the list.

“In terms of top-selling, adult novelty products, Dallas stands out because of variety." – Lana Grypych

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“In terms of top-selling, adult novelty products, Dallas stands out because of variety,” Grypych says.

A quick look around the online retailer’s website, when city council types aren’t around, reveals a variety of items including a Texas-themed, cactus-shaped apparatus, some playful pink, bunny-eared devices and lots of other gadgets that might even make 50 Shades of Grey fans blush.

Although a few years may have taken a toll on Dallas’ ranking among large, sexy cities, compared with 499 large and small U.S. cities alike, Dallas’ No. 33 standing for 2018 is still considerably sexy. The city outpaced Plano, rated at No. 367 on the list; Frisco, which landed at No. 410; and Grand Prairie, which was ranked No. 493.
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