It could get hairy.
It could get hairy.

Are You Looking for Adventure? The Mixmaster Is Looking for Arts & Culture Writers.

It's a jungle out there. The Mixmaster is looking for a few good writers to come along on our expedition through the arts and culture in Dallas. Ask yourself the following questions: Can you sniff out cool ways to spend the weekend? Do you wander into new shops out of sheer curiosity? When you meet someone interesting do you find yourself bursting with questions? Do you know a story when you see one? Are you brave enough to critique Dallas culture?

If you have an unbridled spirit of inquiry and are up for an adventure, we'd like to send you deep into the wilds of Dallas culture to report on the artistic flora and fauna.

We're looking for the following people to join us on our safari:

Translator: We're in need of someone who knows how to talk to people. If you're the Jane Goodall of artists, patiently sitting with your subject, asking the right questions until the story finally emerges, sign up now. You'll have the chance to ask painters about their process, discuss filmmaking with native movie buffs, or explore the finer points of running a bookstore.

A Swiss Army Knife: Are you a word gadget? If you're willing to confront blog posts, interviews, cultural exploration, and event coverage, we want to put you in our tool belt.

Visual Art Expert: Did you study art history? Can you wrestle with criticism? Are you brave enough to lead your readers through the tangles of the visual art scene? Hone your eyes and sharpen your tongue.

Still interested? We're looking for writers who can contribute at least once weekly. Send your adventure experience in the form of writing samples to We'd like to fill our crew quickly.


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