Art Con 8 Posted the 2012 List of Participants, and There are 150 Of 'Em

With 150 folks signed up to donate original artwork for auction, this year's Art Con 8 is shaping up to be a fundraising powerhouse. And in effort to keep the playing field from turning into a battlefield, the Con selected its contributors randomly from an even bigger pool of potential givers. It posted the complete list on Facebook last Friday. There's a nice chunk of perennial Dallas favorites in the cast -- Cabe Booth, Scott Horn, Desiree Espada and more -- and dozens of new ones that we'll see for the first time on November 10, when those dastardly do-gooders set up shop at the Goodyear Retread Plant at 960 Dragon.

The Burning Hotels, Daniel Hart and Blackstone Rangers will all be making music at the party, and artwork bidding starts at a mere $20 a-pop. You'll want to give more, of course, so when you find the thing you can't live without, get into a live auction bidding war against yourself. That cash goes to two great causes: Girls Rock Camp Dallas and the ceramics program at the W. T. White Academy of Visual and Performing Arts. Get your tickets here (and enter DOMA promo code for $2 off).

Want to see the full list of participating artists? Of course you do.

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