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Buy Stuff At ArtSlam, Get Hennessy Youngman to Dallas

HOLD UP. This video has a bunch of cursing in it, on account of Youngman's awesomely filthy mouth. NSFW.

It seems like every arts blog in town has been hyping ArtSlam all week. But, if you haven't yet heard of it, we can understand your confusion at its seemingly violent name. ArtSlam isn't a revamped Anger Room where douche-hole graffiti artists deface invaluable works of art, but instead an auction benefiting WordSpace - one of the city's most dynamic arts nonprofits.

Much has been said about the items up for bid and the event itself, but we wondered exactly what WordSpace has up its sleeves in the coming year for the proceeds.

I spoke with program director Karen X. Minzer whose goal is to make enough loot to expand fall programming. Currently slated, WordSpace is partnering with the Latino Cultural Center to produce Voy y Vengo to highlight the work of contemporary Latino lifestyles, artists, writers, students and filmmakers. They will also continue presenting both emerging and celebrity writers through salons and workshops, which have in the past included such names as Ray Wylie Hubbard, Ben Fountain, David Searcy, Andrei Codrescu and Dan Savage.

But, it gets better. (How, you might wonder, could it get better?)

Minzer says that performance artist Jayson Musson - better known as his Youtube persona Hennessey Youngman - "has agreed to create a Happening for us in Dallas."

One can only wonder what a Hennessey Happening will look like; it both boggles and thrills. If you aren't familiar with Musson's work, we highly recommend browsing the above link. Be warned - Mr. Youngman's Art Thoughtz contain extensive profanity and some are quite NSFW. They are, however, some of the most hilarious discussions of post-structuralism, relational aesthetics and feminist critique ever recorded for global consumption.

There are no immediate details on when to expect the Happening, but we will keep you updated as plans unfold. One way to make this happen is by attending ArtSlam on Sunday from 5:00 to 9:00 at Steve Paul Productions. The event is free, one of the best opportunities to procure art by important established and emerging artists at "relatively modest prices," and a chance to make a difference for one of Dallas' most innovative arts organizations.

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Brentney Hamilton