We're not saying we hate them, we're just asking if everyone else hates Chip and Joanna Gaines.
We're not saying we hate them, we're just asking if everyone else hates Chip and Joanna Gaines.
Mike Brooks

The Dallas Observer’s 10 Most Read Culture Stories in 2019

Like we've been saying: While it felt like Dallas nearly collapsed this year with racial tensions and destructive tornadoes, there were also many great moments this year in local culture. From viral videos to cannabis laws to the best swingers clubs — we tried to capture it all. These are the stories that most interested our readers this year.

10. As Incels Look to the Joker, Insane Clown Posse Should Be the Face of the Anti-Incel Movement
Joaquin Phoenix's brilliant performance in The Joker was nearly overshadowed by a few shithead incels who were inspired to commit violence. Writer Garrett Gravley suggests that Insane Clown Posse fans should become the face of the anti-incel movement.

9. A Dallas Exotic Dancer Dressed as a Dinosaur Wins Halloween
A Dallas strip club manager's video went viral for showing a dancer spinning around the pole in a giant inflatable dinosaur costume to the tune of the Jurassic Park theme song remix.

8. A Dallas Boutique Hotel Asks Guests to Untag Them in Photos. Does It Have the Right?
While most establishments are trying to build Instagram traps to lure aspiring influencers, the Lorenzo Hotel is asking guests to untag them. Reporter Christian McPhate investigated the laws of social media, since none of us seem to know them.

7. Dallas Horror Fans Weren’t Scared By the Horror Museum and Chocolate Bar. They Were Pissed.
The Horror Museum and Chocolate Bar in Dallas turned out to be a nightmare, but not in a good way. Visitors called the place a scam and were so disappointed by the "museum" that the owner was forced to shut its doors only a few days after opening.

6. Marijuana Is Now Legal...ish in Texas
The cannabis laws in Texas remain confusing, but we think they lean toward legal.

5. SMU Professor Has Bought 1,800 Signs From the Homeless
The heartwarming story of a Dallas professor, Willie Baronet, who collects signs that he buys from the homeless.

4. The Best Swingers Clubs in Dallas
A list of the best swap meets, if you're into meeting people you can swap sexual partners with. We love helping like-minded folks come together.

3. A Positive Outlook: More Than a Girl in Sports Media, Julie Dobbs Is a Survivor
The Ticket's Julie Dobbs says she fits right in with the sports station's boys club.

2. 50 Ways To Spot a Deep Ellum Tourist
No. 4: "You’re a man going up to a woman and you fully intend to hit on her instead of telling her about your band."

1. Does Everybody Hate Chip and Joanna Gaines Now?
Paige Skinner finds the answers to the hardest of questions on Twitter.

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