5 Art Events for Your Weekend (3)
courtesy Haley Henman

5 Art Events for Your Weekend

"Power Lines"

Barry Whistler Gallery
315 Cole St., Suite 120
Opens 6-8 p.m. Saturday

Frank Stella’s mastery of line and form has been felt in the art community en masse since the early 1960s. His interest was spurred by a 1957 trip to Colorado. There he visited tiny copper mining towns, the names of which made their way into the titles of his now-famous art.

Steve Dennie: "Concrete, Poles and Trees"
Barry Whistler Gallery
315 Cole St., Suite 120
Opens 6-8 p.m. Saturday

Twenty-five black-and-white photos make up this exhibition, given by photographer Steve Dennie. Dennie’s a street photographer but not a normal one. Instead of snapping people interacting in urban locations, he snaps the mundane locations he frequents. He likes the absence of humans in his work because it heightens that "gotcha" response he’s looking for.

5 Art Events for Your Weekend (4)
courtesy Bivins Gallery

William T. Wiley — "Where the Rub Her Meats the Rode"
Bivins Gallery
300 Crescent Court
Opens Saturday

Lauded nationwide by curators, historians and collectors, Wiley’s authenticity and Orphan Annie optimism spring to life in this exhibition, which features paintings and drawings he’s done over the past two decades. He’s got a razor-sharp wit he likes to apply to his art, exploring religion, politics and global warming with gusto. Elsewhere, you can catch his works at the Hirshhorn, LACMA, MoMA and the National Museum of Art.

5 Art Events for Your Weekend (5)
courtesy Oak Cliff Cultural Center

"Identity: I Am One, I Am Many"
Oak Cliff Cultural Center
223 W. Jefferson Blvd.
Ongoing through June 9

Inspired by the words of Cesar Chavez, "Identity: I Am One, I Am Many" explores the ways we figure ourselves out when we look in the mirror. "Identity" features the works of Tina Medina, Johnathon Foster and Iris Bechtol. The artists explore this self-discovery thing through lenses of culture, politics and gender.

"Rebirth in the Garden" (pictured at top)
Haley Henman Gallery
422 Singleton Blvd.
Ongoing through May 27

"Rebirth in the Garden" is a performance installation written and directed by Terrance Brooks. A 21st century Garden of Eden character deals with issues of pollution and the environment.

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