The popular bike shop Local Hub is now a place where tourists can drop off their luggage while they explore Dallas.EXPAND
The popular bike shop Local Hub is now a place where tourists can drop off their luggage while they explore Dallas.
Alex Gonzalez

Dallas Visitors Can Now Leave Their Luggage in Deep Ellum

While many of us have brought our metaphorical baggage many times to Deep Ellum's bars, the Dallas neighborhood now offers an option for travelers who are burdened by luggage in between hotels' check-out and check-in times.

Between ever-changing flight boarding times and strict hotel checkout times, traveling with heavy luggage can, no doubt, be a pain in the ass. Luckily, a much-loved Deep Ellum shop is helping travelers literally lighten their loads. Bicycle shop Local Hub is partnering with Vertoe, Stasher and Bagbnb to help temporarily store luggage.

“It’s kind of like Airbnb, but for luggage,” says Local Hub owner Kristie Holt. “You can book through their websites or their apps and then once the booking is made, we get notified. The clients bring their luggage in, we tag their luggage and we store it, and they just come and pick it up at their designated time.”

Holt decided to partner with the services after seeing a flyer for Vertoe in her shop.

“Normally, I throw these things away because I get a lot of solicitations, but I saw this and I was like, ‘Hey, this is kind of an interesting idea,’” Holt says. “So I went and did research on it, and we signed up for it, and I got a booking for luggage storage within a week.”

Guests can store their luggage for a few hours or for a few days. Holt believes these services allow people to freely explore Dallas. We thought that most Deep Ellum tourists were visiting from the suburbs, but Holt says that since partnering with the services, she's worked mostly with international travelers.

“Usually, (the customers) are coming into Deep Ellum and either they’re staying at an Airbnb or they’re in between flights and they want to tour Dallas,” Holt says. “This allows them to do those things a lot more easily without having to go directly to the airport after checking out of their hotel. They also won’t have to walk around carrying their luggage.”

Customers can arrange for their luggage to be stored through the Vertoe, Stasher and Bagbnb apps or websites, as well as the Local Hub website. All customers must deliver their luggage personally and present their IDs and travel information. Nobody outside of the company's staff has access to either see or touch the  stored luggage.

Holt says the low price is well worth the freedom.

“It’s pretty inexpensive, depending on how long you plan on leaving your luggage,” she says of the service. “It usually costs around $5 for a few hours. Overall, it’s a great service, and I plan on using it myself when I travel.”

Local Hub only takes luggage drop-offs. They will not store your children or spouses. We asked.

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