Dallas' Wanderlust Was Satisfied In Arts District, By Yoga

Kurt Johnsen's happiness comes from being connected to reality, from embracing the things he can't change and from relishing every moment. And when you're the official yoga instructor for the Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders, I'm guessing down dogging with 35 cheerleaders ain't so bad a reality to be connected to either.

Last night the founder of Dallas' American Power Yoga, led a couple hundred local yogis in peace-inducing asanas on the lawn of the Annette Strauss Artist Square at the AT&T Performing Arts Center as part of Wanderlust Yoga In the City created with smartwater seven-city national tour celebrating the modern-day culture of yoga.

"People argue with reality," Johnsen told me. "They say, 'Man, it's hot," referencing the blazing temperatures in which they did their poses. "Well you might as well dig it."

And Dallas yogis dug it. They inhaled and exhaled, stretched and contorted to the commands of Johnsen for an hour and a half under direct sunlight.

"I don't want happiness to be dictated by what you can or cannot do," he admonished the crowd. "Embrace what you can do."

Why can't more personal trainers be like Kurt Johnsen?

Oh and if you need to free your mind and body, but have no money; relax, the DFW Free Day of Yoga is yet to come Monday, September 5. Visit dfwfreedayofyoga.com.


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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.