Elm Street Tattoo Ready For Annual Friday The 13th Tattoo Marathon

Oliver Peck's already been in the "news" this week, but it's the eve of Friday the 13th, and even the superstitious have reason to tempt fate because Elm Street Tattoo is once again offering number 13 tattoos for $13 (we don't need to tell you to just give them a $20, right?) to celebrate the day of bad luck.

Peck, Elm Street's owner, has inked hundreds of customers over the years on Friday the 13th, and in 2008 he became the Guinness World Record holder for completing the most tattoos in 24 hours (415 tats, to be exact), a title he rightfully reclaimed from former spouse and tabloid darling, Kat Von D.

Last year, Peck and his team branded more than 700 lucky arms, legs and lower backs, and now this year the team at Elm Street is hoping to etch 800 phobia-free attendees at this year's tattoo marathon, which kicks off tonight at midnight. You've got until midnight tomorrow to get that lucky "13" tramp stamp you've always wanted, and we'll be out and about to capture your new works of art tonight and tomorrow.

Sailor Jerry Rum -- named after the legendary tattoo artist who remains Peck's primary influence -- will also be present...with a decked out Airstream, photo booth...and um, samplings of rum next door at July Alley (after your tattoo, people -- after).

Check back on Mixmaster tomorrow for a Picture Show of tonight's festivities, which also features an intrepid Observer staffer getting stamped, but not on his lower back. There's no room after he got that unicorn tat last month.

Don't wait until you're standing in line tonight to choose your ink. After the jump, take a look at this year's design options and pick your poison, or number 13.

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.