Empire Records Screening hails Rex Manning Day at Sundown at The Granada

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April 8th is like Christmas, Easter, Thanksgiving, your birthday and first time you had sex all rolled into one, lightly fried and smothered in a tangy tomatillo sauce. That's because April 8th is Rex Manning Day. You don't know who Rex Manning is, you say, or why on Earth he would have his own day allocated to him? Allow me to 'splain.

In the cult 90s movie Empire Records, Rex Manning (played to the hilt by Maxwell Caulfield) is the washed up "rock star" coming to make an appearance at Empire Records. Imagine putting Robert Palmer and Tom Jones in blender and adding copious amounts of Velveeta and chest hair. That's Rex. I apologize for putting that image into your head, but hey, erasing things is what gin is for. Anyway, to celebrate the most blessed and august occasion that is Rex Manning Day, Sundown at the Granada and the Dallas Observer's Mixmaster are having a free screening of Empire Records on Sundown rooftop.

Afterward, DJ Blake Ward and our very own Gavin Cleaver will be playing 90's hits all night long. Stay long enough and you may even have the dubious pleasure of hearing Rex Manning's hit "Say No More Mon Amour." Also, there will be a limited amount of Granada concert tickets for those who come dressed up in 90's gear. So dig deep in those drawers folks, dig deep. Damn the man, save the Empire.

And to get you all lathered up for Rex Manning Day and screening, here's 10 quotable quotes from Empire Records.

"We mustn't dwell, no, not today. We can't. Not on Rex Manning day." - Mark

"Let me explain it to you. Mitchell's the man. I'm the idiot. You're the screw-up. And we're all losers. Welcome to Music Town." - Joe

"You forgot your thingy." - Eddie

"What's with you? Yesterday you were normal and today you're like the Chinese guy from the Karate Kid" - AJ

"I'm either going to jail or hell I can't decide." - Joe

" Well you can't kill me 'cause I'm already dead. And I talked to God, and she says, "Yo, wassup?" - Debra

"Maybe you bite me." - Warren

"Attention Rex Manning fans, to your left you will notice a shoplifter being chased by night manager, Lucas. This young man will be caught, deep fried in a vat of hot oil and served to our first hundred customers." - Gina

"The fat man walks alone." - Lucas

"Isn't it customary to leave the scene after committing the crime?" - Gina

"Why don't you all just fade away?" - Rex Manning

The celebration takes place 8 p.m. Wednesday, April 8 on the rooftop of Sundown at The Granada (3520 Greenville Ave). Prizes for dressing up and coins glued to the floor. Entry is free, seating is limited.

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.