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Five Free & Cheap Culture Events This Week

If you're complaining that there's "nothing to do in Dallas," it's only because you're not looking hard enough. There's plenty to do in this city, and that isn't even including the sheer number of bars that you could be drinking at right this very minute. Yes, our "world class" city is full of arts, culture and film entertainment, and you don't even have to pay a whole lot of money to check it out.

The most expensive ticket on this week's list of free and cheap culture events is only $25. Even if you have to cut your Starbucks budget a little short this week, buy a ticket to one of these five events and get some damn culture for god's sake.

MainStreet Festival Uptown Theatre, Grand Prairie April 6-8 $10-25

If you've never heard of MainStreet Festivals, they're actually a pretty cool concept for casual, accessible theatre. In cities across the country, including Dallas, Atlanta, New Orleans and Cleveland, the company brings a series of plays selected by John Lithgow and Michael Meyer. Three shows will be performed at the Uptown Theatre in Grand Prairie over the course of the festival, all without costumes or sets. If you're looking for an interesting way to introduce yourself to the theater, MainStreet Festival is a solid choice.

AIR Time With Joshua Habermann Alamo Drafthouse Richardson April 8 Free

If you've ever wondered how exactly One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest and Amadeus are related, you're probably going to want to attend this week's AIR Time at Alamo Drafthouse in Richardson. Amadeus will be screened, and Dallas Symphony Chorus Director Joshua Habermann will be on hand to talk about his "musical and passionate" life before the film begins. Admission is free, which means that you can spend all your money on that awesome Drafthouse food.

The Testament of Mary Undermain Theatre April 8 $10-25

Even if you don't really dig church, you can appreciate this Tony-nominated adaptation of a novella that centers on the time that Mary spent living in solitude while followers of Jesus sought to record her story of the crucifixion. This show won't remind you at all of Sunday school, but may give you a little insight into one of the first historical figures you were ever introduced to.

Empire Records Screening Granada Theatre April 9 $3

If you're the type of disaffected youth who identified with Empire Records, you can relive your angsty teenage years at the Granada Theatre's screening of this '90s classic. The legendary CD World will set up shop in the lobby to sell old-school CDs and concert posters, and you can cap off your night by heading over to Sundown to grab a little healthy food and listen to a set from the Clinton years. And really, the $3 shot deals are worth it even if you don't like the film.

Prism Trinity Groves Green Warehouse April 10 $15-25

You don't have to know what movement theater is to appreciate the intensity of PrismCo's performance. In this exploration of the creation of civilization through color, darkness, and light, and you're probably going to get a little messy. If you go, wear "casual clothing," because each performance "culminates in a Jackson Pollack-esque paint war" and as you can imagine, there's going to be a little splattering.

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Amy McCarthy