For A Change In Your Workout, Get Into the Pole Position

Last night I laced up my bustier, put on my sequin thong and headed off to Pole Dance Class. Turns out no one really dresses that way. (No body glitter or Champagne room either. Gasp.) As a matter of fact, it was shockingly tame and I mean that in the best possible way.

The class was genuinely fun, too. Even with my lack of coordination and questionable upper-body strength, I still managed to learn spins, stumble through a body roll or two and use my little monkey feet to climb the pole and touch the ceiling.

No one was watching me or judging my missteps because guess what? They weren't perfect either. The class was filled with all shapes, sizes and skill levels and I felt completely comfortable trying out new moves and wasn't the least bit concerned about looking silly.

It was amazing. I did things I never thought I could do and dare I say, I felt a little sexy, too. When I left I was as proud as a scantily dressed peacock and I suspect we all were.

If you think you can't take a pole class because your name isn't Roxie Dream or Destiny Shadow, think again. You can and you should. For my foray onto the pole, I opted for the Zensual Dance Fitness experience, Clarissa's class. She did, in fact, explain it all, and very well, so I highly recommend (yes, even if her name didn't conveniently fit into a pun).

Just be sure to tell her ol' Fumble Feet sent you.

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