Just Fold It, People. All Right?: The Most Useless Folding How-Tos on YouTube

Yesterday, Dallas blog Oh So Cynthia tweeted us back to Point A, or rather, how to fold a T-shirt Japanese-style. We were familiar with this trick having failed at it a number of times in the past.

What we didn't know about, however, popped up at the end of the video. That would be the seemingly endless stream of items for which there are instructional folding videos on YouTube. Just let that sink in like we did yesterday.

Part of us twinged with obsessive-compulsive delight, and the other part was all, "You made a video to show people how to fold ... a bra?"

So, of course, we had to investigate further. After all, we weren't sure if we did know how to properly fold a washrag, and also, because most of these are just so odd and funny we just couldn't help ourselves.

We present our "favorite" useless folding videos on YouTube:

Clean House's Linda Koopersmith: How to Fold Panties.WTF?:

That is a lot of steps for some underpants. We thought we were doing well to get them out of the basket and into the drawer.

And yet...:

They are so small and tidy!

How to Fold SocksWTF?:

And even room for a shoehorn. Some could say that this isn't great for the elastic on the socks.

And yet...:

The anklet portion is interesting. Also, the accent makes it completely tolerable, and a little relaxing.

How to Fold TowelsWTF?:

She's a little intense. Oh, and SHE FOLDS WRONG. Who folds their towels like that? No one. About that tag? If you love those towels, good luck finding them again once you cut off the tag.

And yet...:

We suddenly long to fold freshly laundered towels. That closet


very neat.

How to Fold a Men's Collared Dress ShirtWTF?:

No. That's a terrible way to fold a shirt. Don't do it like that ever.

And yet...:

We got nothing.

How to Fold a HoodieWTF?:

We're not exactly sure what a hoody hoodie is, but assuming the double-speak is for search purposes, who isn't hanging their hoodies in the closet for easy access?

And yet...:

No idea you fold the garment inward! That makes so much sense -- unlike the men's shirt video above, of course.

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