Line Up Thursday At ATAMA For Your Little Box of Dunny 2011.

If we were to discuss a certain smooth vinyl figure with "devil bunny" features, would your collector sense start to tingle and your wallet hand start to itch? Well, bust out the Blue Star, because it's time, people.

Thursday marks the release of Kidrobot's Dunny 2011 Series. That means 18 new designs from 15 artists including those you'll recognize -- Huck Gee, Kronk, Dirty Donny, Chuckboy and Aya Kakeda -- and those you might not -- DrilOne, Le Merde, Travis Lampe and others. The smooth dudes come blind-boxed with a trading card, as per usual, but Kidrobot promises "a little somethin' extra" as well.

Alas, there's no Kidrobot store at Mockingbird Station anymore, but there is ATAMA, a specialty retailer for Kidrobot gear. As of noon on Thursday ATAMA's Dunny 2011 Series stock (is it Dunnies, Dunnys or just Dunny, singular and plural?) will be available for purchase.

But! If you're one of the first eight customers to throw down for a case -- not just a single blind box, but a case of said boxes, ya hear -- you'll qualify to receive an alternate version of Huck Gee's Zombie Dunny.

Oh, and don't feel so bad if you didn't get the Dunny your little heart desired. ATAMA is hosting a trading party from 6:30 to 8 p.m. later that night so you can well, trade, as the name of the event would imply. Though, we've seen you Dunny people in action and we've got $9.95 that says there will be some bartering, blackmailing and possibly some Chuck Bassian trading (what? We totally didn't say that) going on to complete your collection.

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