Pet Profiles: Meet Nine and Punch from We Are 1976

Our pet profiles series celebrates those supportive (and adorable) friends who round out the homes of notable members of the Dallas community.

Names: Nine (he's the ninth family pet) is a two-(and a half)-year-old male Bullmastiff and Punch is a five-year-old male Chiweenie. Nine came from a farm and Punch is from the girls' cousin. Owners: Vynsie and Jully Law (owners of We Are 1976) Likes: Nine enjoys eating carrots, sleeping, Vynsie's cat Wednesday (they sleep side-by-side) and going to Downtown Dog. Punch likes plastic water bottles and his wolf doll. Dislikes: Nine doesn't like when people pet the top of his head. Also, he hates eye drops. Punch dislikes guys with sunglasses and beards, and any delivery person.

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