Miss Bars and Yelling Answers at People? Virtual Trivia is Here to Save You.

The hosts of 3 Nations Brewing's virtual triviaEXPAND
The hosts of 3 Nations Brewing's virtual trivia
Lauren Drewes Daniels
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Self-isolation can be hard. Even the grumpiest of recluses have to miss smiling faces. (Right? Maybe?) Mingling over music, food and drinks at an offbeat bar has been snatched from us, and finding any semblance of that now takes creativity. 

A few local bars and breweries are hosting online trivia games, and they're worth loving. It’s a date! Something to look forward to! You can take your hair out of a bun!

All are live-streamed on Facebook. The Common Table partners with Do214 Trivia on Wednesday evenings. Last Friday, Funky Picnic Brewery and TBG Trivia hosted trivia from a guy’s living room. And 3 Nations Brewing has themed trivia every Thursday and Sunday.

Here are all your questions answered: 

Do I have to buy something, be part of a club or have a scar on my forehead to attend? 
No. Anyone and everyone can partake. Usually everything is set up through the host's Facebook page. Just log on at the appointed time, and the hosts are pretty good about making sure everyone understands how it works. You can ask questions in the comment section if you don’t understand something. 

How does the game work, in general?
Usually there are three rounds of trivia with about 10 questions per round. Answers are submitted via Google Forms or something similar. The link is provided on the host's Facebook page. You can play all by your bigself or with a group you’ve organized. 

How long does it last?
Average time for the whole game is about an hour and a half. Each round moves pretty quickly with about one question every couple of minutes. Then, there’s a longer break (about 10 minutes) between each round while the host tallies the points and you get a refill.  

Where do I find the games? 
Search Facebook events. Or look at the list at the end of this post. 

Can I have teammates?
Yes, of course. Anyone within ear-reach is obviously part of your team. You can also FaceTime to have a group of friends join. 

Say what??? FaceTime a group?
Yes! You can also Zoom or use whatever app you prefer. But, you can use a phone for FaceTime with a group  and use a computer for the game. 

To FaceTime a group: 
• Text the group of people you want to play. Write, “Hey there! Time for trivia." 

• After you send the text, tap the names (circles) at the top of the thread, and you’ll see a “FaceTime” option pop up just under their names, tap that. Then, your friends can join whenever they’re ready.

How does my team submit answers? 
One person has to be the team “captain.” That person submits answers for your team via Google docs or whatever form the trivia host has set up. 

Can’t I just look up every answer and crush it? 
Sure, but that’s on you, punk. #Karma.

Are the questions hard? 
Some are hard, some are easy, most are like Goldilocks liked it, "just right." 

Can I write my answers in the comment thread of the game? 
Sure, then watch the host’s head explode. 3 Nations will shut it all down and lecture all 28 viewers if you even joke about putting the answers in the comments. I know this. 

What do I win?
Mostly just bragging rights. Did you expect a pony? No ponies. 3 Nations awards a six-pack of beer to the winners of each round, which you can go get at their brewery. 

It sounds like a lot of work.
Well, then just sit there and watch Wheel of Fortune again and eat another bowl of ice cream. But, honestly, it’s not. Just dig in. The hosts will guide you through it explicitly.

What if my buzz sets in and my team misses a question (or two) because we’re all laughing and talking too much? 
I pray that happens for you. Usually they go back through all the questions at the end of each round though.

Games that are legit and on point that I've found so far:
The Common Table
Funky Picnic Brewery and Cafe
3 Nations Brewing

After a bit of research, there are trivia games in other cities too. (Surprise! It’s not just a Dallas thing!) Like this Uptown Pub Quiz in New York and a movie themed trivia game hosted by Central Cinema in Seattle. No one checks your ID at the door, so it’s really a global event.

Now, go make us proud! 

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.