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The Best Sneaker Spots in Dallas: Sneaker Shopping Made Yeezy

All the other kids with the pumped-up kicks should know about these great spots.
All the other kids with the pumped-up kicks should know about these great spots. Jordan Henderson
Sneakerheads are alive, ready to spend money, and most are proud to say they have or will travel to other states to access better inventory. Dallas is a bit late to the party, even though the demand is growing more than ever. Pro athletes and big-name rappers are in the forefront of this ever-growing trend with their own sneaker deals. Sneaker drops are huge events, and people wait for the chance to be picked for a “shoe lottery” just for the chance to buy a pair of coveted kicks. If you’re looking for a place to buy, sell and trade sneakers without having to deal with the chain stores or the sketchy deals on Craigslist, then look no further.

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Trap Boutique in Dallas has your kicks.
Christopher Holkon

Trap Boutique

514 W. Jefferson Blvd.
Instagram: trapboutique

Trap Boutique has had the untapped market of high-end resale sneakers game on lockdown for over a year and has a loyal customer base. Their customers check their Instagram regularly, as this is their only source of advertising. If the shoe of your dreams has been posted, then it's likely it won’t be available for long, which is all part of the thrill of the sneaker hunt. The boutique carries top-of-the-line sneaker brands, from the more common Yeezy Boosts to Fear of Gods. If you're ready to part with some of your fire kicks, they may pay big bucks for them. They also carry a limited stock of clothes and Supreme items. If you’re in the market for a $150+ fire truck red toolbox with the word “Supreme” on it, they’ve got you.

The Laboratory DTX

2926 Oak Lawn Ave.
Instagram: thelaboratorydtx

The Laboratory DTX has proved to be a lucrative stop for sneakerheads looking to buy, trade and sell high-end shoes. Following a similar advertising model as Trap Boutique, sneaker enthusiasts in the area and beyond use Instagram to check the stock. The Laboratory DTX moves products quickly, and it's a race to be the proud owner of whatever spicy item is on their feed. High-end sneakers such as Supreme Air More Uptempo that often retail for over $2,000 can be purchased for a fraction of the price, but your jealous friends don’t have to know. Don’t stop at just shoes. Complete the outfit while you’re there. They’ve got plenty of clothing items to make you drip.

Fits Foot & Urban Wear

2310 Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd.

This spot is a hidden gem for luxury sneaker and clothing shopping. There is no daily advertising here, just an old-fashioned open door. The place is for the sneakerhead family looking to dress up every member. Unlike other local shops, child footwear is also available so you and Junior can flex on everyone in the PTA. This place has rare finds as well as a more generous stock of the same shoes — great for those who don’t like the competition and pressure of the sneaker hunt and want to be able to have time to decide on the shoe. Like every other store on the list, Fits Foot & Urban Wear also carries clothing. Leave with an empty wallet but with that freshness on your body.

The Luxury Consignment

2926 Oak Lawn Ave.
Instagram: theluxuryconsignment

If you’re looking for more of a fancy spot to fit your upscale look, this is the place for you. They pride themselves on being a luxury, top-dollar consignment store for men. Their inventory can have someone looking red carpet-ready without having to give up their love for sneakers. Yes, sneakers and upscale fashion can be one and the same. This place is stocked with bigger bougie names like Gucci and Christian Louboutin and for a fraction of the original price. No need to spend 5K to look like a million bucks — the staff is more than happy to help put together an entire outfit for any event and are endlessly helpful. Big-name products are a little intimidating for new shoppers, but this place can give any man the Cinderella treatment all while costing a little less than a house payment. Worth it.

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Sneaker shopping just got Yeezier.
Christopher Holkon

Crossroads Trading

2646 Main St., No. 120
Instagram: crossroadstrading

Another sweet spot for a mix of upscale and more casual high-end wear is found in the heart of Deep Ellum. Crossroads Trading has quite an impressive stock and it can be a little hard to see everything in a short time. Give yourself some serious browsing and shopping time before you come in. At first glance it may appear it is mainly women’s shoes and clothing, but there is a good chunk of men’s apparel as well. If you’re ready to make room in your closet, you can bring your clothes and shoes to trade or sell them. This spot has more clothing than shoes and sneakers, but still can house some incredible finds. More time is spent here going through everything than rushing to beat a customer for something they showed on their Instagram. The coveted wall of excellence is behind the counter and is where they keep the best stuff. Make sure to check there first before you fill your shopping bag up!
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