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5 Pilates Reformer Classes To Get Your Ass in Shape

This is fun. We're having fun.
This is fun. We're having fun. courtesy The PilatesBarre
Pilates reformer studios are popping up in Dallas more frequently. At Dallas staples Beyond Studios and One Lagree and at some of the other newer kids on the block, Dallasites are bending, stretching and strengthening their cores.

Pilates reformer classes are said to deliver a significant transformation to your body over the course of 60 days. Consistent, routine classes, of course, will result in the most successful outcome.

We’ve rounded up five of Dallas’ most attended reformer studios so you can take your pick. You may have zero Pilates experience walking into a class, and that’s OK. The one thing you need at all studios across the board: no-slip socks. And on the bottom and stretched across the toes, you’ll find logos and names of the Pilates spots in town. That’s how you can scout out your next studio to visit.

When scouting out these studios, we discovered people of all ages, body types and genders participating in this form of exercise. It can serve as a come-one, come-all for those who want to build core strength and break a sweat.

Reformers, also referred to as beds, range in extravagance and frills. Think of it like a car-grading system. You have your top-of-the-line luxurious vehicles that provide comfort and that extra kick. And then you have your standard cars that get the job done and are reliable and sturdy.

Bottom line, the reformers are all going to make you sore from the sliding carriage rigged up with springs and straps. The varieties of exercises you can explore are endless.

Beyond Studios
After pioneering the Pilates reformer studio movement in Dallas almost a decade ago, Beyond Studios franchises in other states. Dallas locations briefly closed for renovations and a management shift, and now the Lovers Lane studio is up and running with eager Pilates students. The fitness brands focus on Pilates Hybrid Interval Training, or cardio intensity reformed, to give clients a mixture of low- and high-intensity intervals throughout the class. Beyond also has a sister concept called Beyond 500 on Henderson. You can expect to see kettle bell work integrated with treadmills and Pilates chairs.

click to enlarge COURTESY SESSION
courtesy Session
Session Pilates
Session Pilates on Fitzhugh Avenue made its way to Dallas within the last few years and has gained a lot of traction among locals. Its beds fill up fast, so be sure to book ahead of time with the Session app or online. You'll find a sense of community and friendship at this studio. From the instructors to the students, a bond is apparent. Session’s beds are easy to get accustomed to, and the staff makes sure newbies are set before classes start. Throughout the week, there are themed classes like #guiltypleasuretuesday with the instructor’s choice for theme music. And in true millennial fashion, there's a selfie station. Photo or your session didn’t count, right? There's also some bomb natural lighting in there. So at the very least, drop in for a class so you can add a new Bumble pic to your collection.

courtesy BodyBar Fitness
Bodybar Fitness
Bodybar Fitness has four locations in DFW with a large variety of offerings. Bodybar transforms its reformers into stationary bases with its Power Tower classes and has Pilates chair classes and all sorts of other tricks in the bag when it comes to exercises. One of the most popular class formats, called Jump, includes a jump board. You lie down on your back and jump off the board, getting your heart rate up while being kind to your joints. For someone who easily gets bored with a workout, this is the place for you. You can go an entire week without repeating the same class format. And there's a small shop if you need a little retail therapy between workouts.

One Lagree
One Lagree
Where do we start with this one? Shall we say a reformer class that’s really more like a boot camp? It’s some tough shit. One Lagree has a glowing electric sign that says, "It’s not Pilates, it’s Lagree." The Lagree method is performed on a reformer, at a higher intensity and heavier spring load than in Pilates. And the Lagree reformer uses the back of the bed, making the resistance more intense. If you have an athlete-focused mindset and want a workout that is going to challenge — and potentially make you cry — this is the place. A simple adjustment of your spring load will aid in your performance if a move is too difficult.

courtesy The PilatesBarre
The PilatesBarre
The PilatesBarre has four studios in the DFW area. There's also a sister concept called The TreadBarre. Its reformers are quite sophisticated and have a heavy load for resistance, and count on using the back of the bed for an extra challenge. There's also a retail space with the latest workout trends to tempt you as you walk out the door. The PilatesBarre is very community focused and has opportunities for philanthropic giveback classes in which your sweat session can be for the greater good.
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