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Some Deep Ellum Venues Were Damaged By Monday's Rain

Deep Ellum businesses are trying to dry out  after the heavy rains on Sunday and Monday.
Deep Ellum businesses are trying to dry out after the heavy rains on Sunday and Monday. BrittyGriffy/Wikimedia Commons
The huge rainstorm that swept through Dallas on Monday also swept a good amount of water into some Deep Ellum establishments.

The National Weather Service estimates that 8–10 inches of rain fell on Dallas between Sunday and Monday, causing some serious flooding in low-lying areas such as the Deep Ellum neighborhood. A flood warning is still in effect until 3:45 pm Wednesday.

So far, there doesn't seem to be much permanent damage among the Deep Ellum venues, shops and restaurants that found some standing water in their places of business.

Cane Rosso on Commerce Street took on a half to three-quarters of an inch of water due to a crack in the building that caused water to seep in overnight, says general manager Chip Harrison.

"We have concrete floors so it's nothing too bad," Harrison says. "We were doing some to-go orders but we definitely weren't open for dine-in service."

Allan Falkner, the co-owner of Charlie's Star Lounge and the Nines Bar on Main Street, says the venues also had some water coming into the buildings but "the staff was on top of it."

"We had both places squeegeed and dried out by Monday afternoon," Falkner says. "Charlie's has had water leak issues since day one, so we are used to handling water in there. It also helps that it's up an incline from Main Street."

Don Nedler, the owner of the It'll Do Club on Elm Street, says some water seeped in on Sunday night but they "had very few problems as a result of the rain."

The flooding on the streets did cause some problems for its patrons.

"I did hear, however, that some of our customers' cars flooded while they were driving home," Nedler says.

Other places weren't so lucky. The Flea Style vintage fashion store on Commerce Street announced on Facebook that it would remain closed until Friday due to flooding. The Peak Inn bar and grill on North Peak Street also reported flooding on its social media and said it would remain closed until Tuesday.
Deep Vellum Bookstore and Publishing Co. on Commerce Street says the flooding didn't cause any damage to its building but it seems some of its stock may have been damaged by standing water. The bookstore won't reopen until Wednesday, according to its Instagram page.

"Didn't get us as bad as it got some of our neighbors," the store wrote on its Instagram page, "but the bookstore is not without casualties." 
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