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Where To Buy 1920s-Inspired Costumes in Dallas for Sunday's Jazz Age Social

It's the 1920s! You and your boyfriend/husband/brother/hired friend are Daisy and Gatsby and you're headed to a costume contest because this is Dallas and we dress up all the time.

The Dallas Heritage Village and Art Deco Society of Dallas will host their second annual Dallas Jazz Age Sunday Social from noon to 4 p.m. Sunday at the Dallas Heritage Village. There will be food trucks and Model A Fords and dancing and croquet and other 20s-style things happening.

But because you go above and beyond, there will also be a costume contest at 2:30 p.m. for best "Lawn Party Attire." Because we want you to win, we gathered a list of places for you to get your winning costume.


Dallas Costume Shoppe, Inc. Instead of buying a costume you may never wear again, here is a great place to rent that flapper dress. The people of Dallas Costume Shoppe have been costuming actors and Santas and costume contest-ers in Dallas since the early 1900s, so it's easy to trust them.

Costume World Costume World has a large selection of gangster suits and fedoras. The pinstriped suits come with a shirt, tie and suspenders, so this could easily get the job done for the guys. There are also plenty of flapper dresses to rent or buy for the ladies.

Dallas Vintage Shop Dallas Vintage Shop could pretty much be your one-stop shop for this costume contest. While it's easy to get lost in this shop full of vintage costumes, wigs, shoes and props, it's pretty easy to navigate considering everything is organized into different sections according to decade and theme. Dallas Vintage Shop, located in Plano, has plenty of flapper dresses and prohibition era-type attire for both men and women. But it also has parasols and 1920s-style bathing suits for this special costume contest.

Electrique Boutique While this costume shop mainly consists of sexy attire, there are some things you can use for the Dallas Jazz Age Sunday Social -- because remember, children will be present. There are flapper dresses for all every woman's shape and size.

Mr. Costumes If you are too lazy to get out of the house, then click on to buy your two-pieced striped male swimsuit. Remember, it's a costume, so don't necessarily expect it hold up at the beach, but it will do the trick for a costume contest.

Wal-Mart Hey, if all else fails, there's also Wal-Mart.

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