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50 Reasons to Be Thankful for Dallas Music in 2015

It's the holidays, which means we're all in danger of getting a little cynical. Oh great, seeing the relatives. Oh great, shopping for gifts. Oh great, being thankful. The worst. But even our cold, black, listicle-making hearts are capable of a little soul-searching every now and then, and you know what? The Dallas music scene is a pretty damn good place to be right now, and we're not afraid to admit it. So let us count the ways we're glad to be a part of it. Fifty ways, in fact. Here's why we're thankful for our killer music scene in 2015. Now pass the cranberry sauce, pilgrim.
1. The D.O.C. returning to making and performing his own music, after 25 years.

2. Not needing Justus and Post Malone to make Dallas one of the country’s hottest hip-hop cities.

3. But they help us feel spoiled anyway.

4. Erykah Badu being everywhere, all the time, all over again.

5. And rekindling our love affair with cellphones.

6. The chance to pretend we've known of Leon Bridges since back when he was rapping.

7. And the fact that he’s still not above busking on the streets of Deep Ellum.

8. St. Vincent generating press for Dallas' greatest natural resource: tacos.

9. Untapped Festival turning into a killer music fest with a worthy beer selection, and not just the other way around.

10. Finally getting a music festival at Reunion Tower — and on the same weekend as Texas-OU.
11. Our venues keep getting bigger, better and fuller. Unlike Austin’s.

12. Case in point: The Bomb Factory.

13. Which isn’t afraid to put local artists on the best stage in town.

14. In fact, there’s no reason to drive to Austin anymore, thanks to promoters like Transmission and festivals like Spillover.

15. And Transmission making Double-Wide the concert hot spot that we want it to be again.

16. Dallas Ambient Music Nights for building a whole new A/V performance setting.

17. Killer DIY venues like The cOoompound and Pariah Arts.

18. And bands like the Coathangers who will come to town to play them.

19. Or free shows at The Foundry.

20. Finally getting to see a band called Death in Dallas — after four decades.
21. You can buy sex toys in the bathroom at Three Links.

24. And, uh, of course, see a lot of great punk shows there, too.

25. 35 Denton coming back — and not even having any rain to deal with.

26. Knowing we’ll never have to see Richard Haskins onstage in his underwear at Hailey's ever again.

27. But cherishing all the ‘80s dance nights we got to spend there.

28. And late nights closing down Ships Lounge.

29. While Dallas continues to knock down all its historic buildings, we still have the Texas, Granada, Kessler and Majestic theaters.

30. Josey Records is saving A&R Records.
31. And is about to start a killer vinyl label for local artists.

32. The influx of late-night food in Deep Ellum to save our drunk asses.

33. And water coolers in the summer time — because we’ve never been good at pacing ourselves.

34. Having a cassette tape label that the goddamn city paid for.

35. And that ... crucifixion they paid for, too?

36. The Dallas Stars' repeated use of Nickelback as a torture tactic unleashed upon visiting Canadian teams.

37. And a whole lot of the Pantera song this season.

38. Getting wasted off drinks named after your favorite local bands at Off the Record.

39. Possibly while Blue, the Misfit or Taylor Rea are DJing.

40. Getting to claim Demi Lovato as a local singer now that she's cool.
41. And Selena Gomez, now that she has another No. 1 record.

42. Everything that comes out of Cody Foote's mouth. (Particularly after he’s consumed a bottle of Red Breast. Which is all the time.)

43. Blake Ward finding a way to play classic hip-hop pretty well every night of the week.

44. And BOOM 94.5 FM to do it for us the rest of the time.

45. KNON found a new home, and lives to broadcast another day.

46. And KXT keeps playing local artists, no matter how much the haters gonna hate.

47. Jeff Liles' peaceful approach to dealing with racist, basic bitches.

48. A music scene that rallies behind one of their own in time of need.

49. Seeing Dennis González return to stage with his sons to play with Yells at Eels.

50. And a speedy recovery from Wanz Dover.
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