Austin City Limits and Homegrown Festivals Announce Full 2014 Line-Ups

Nostalgia is making a real comeback -- in the music festival world, at any rate. Based on the announcements that were made yesterday, two of our local (or local-ish) flagships aren't looking to buck that trend in 2014.

In the case of Deep Ellum's budding springtime star, Homegrown, now in its fifth year, that much had already been known: the Toadies were announced as that festival's headliners months ago, a fact that coincides neatly with the 20th anniversary of the Dallasites' most popular record, Rubberneck.

Austin City Limits Fest, however, has gone even further down the '90s rabbit hole, with a two-weekend line-up bound to make us all either feel young again or that much older. Eminem is just the tip of the iceberg.

Two names on the October ACL list are looking evermore conspicuous these days: OutKast and the Replacements. Both long dormant, and both eagerly-awaited by their fanbases, they've found the tradeoffs of the low-commitement, lucrative payoff festival circuit enough to draw them out of pseudo-retirement (if not back into the clubs and arenas where many would so love to see them). Let's just hope Dre and Paul Westerburg find the Austin crowds more favorable than the ones at Coachella.

OutKast and the 'Mats stand out for the novelty of their appearances (and don't get us wrong: we'll be eager to see both, thank you very much), but they'll be joined by other Gen X veterans like Pearl Jam, Beck, and Calvin Harris, who've parlayed their grungy angst and slackerdom into steady jobs for over 20 years now. More current big-name draws include Lana Del Rey (in case you miss her tonight at the Verizon Theater), Lorde, Skrillex, and Texas' own local-girl-made-good, St. Vincent.

Homegrown, meanwhile -- scheduled to take place May 10th -- took a page out of the Austin playbook for its other headliner, ...And You Will Know Us By the Trail of Dead, who'll be performing Source Tags and Codes in its entirety. Other highlights on the stellar all-Texas bill include Sarah Jaffe, Saryn, Mystery Skulls, Black and White Years, Son of Stan, and Baptist Generals.

Hee's the full lineup for Homegrown:

Chevy Stage

9:30 pm Toadies 7:20 Sarah Jaffe 5:45 Seryn 4:25 Son of Stan 3:05 The Suffers 1:45 The Phuss 12:25 Calhoun 11:10 Datahowler with Super Yoga Palace

Shiner Stage

8:25 pm Trail of Dead 6:30 Mystery Kulls 5:05 Black and White Years 3:45 Baptist Generals 2:25 Sam Lao 1:05 Wild Mocassins 11:45 Goodnight Ned

Here's the ACL lineup in full:

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