Home By Hovercraft Releases Nostalgic, Dreamy Video for 'Lie in Your Bed'

Local band Home by Hovercraft has a flair for the dramatic. You hear it in their music's melodious swelling and Seth Magill's resonant vocals; It comes across in their live shows with the use of unconventional instruments, i.e. clogging as percussion; and last year, the band wrote and performed in a hit musical that used their songs as soundtrack. So, it should come as no surprise that their first music video, released just this morning for song "Lie in Your Bed," follows in this eccentric tradition.

Off of the 2013 release, Are We Chameleons? "Lie in Your Bed" starts with a simple melody on a piano, quickly accompanied by wistful violins and the steady march of drums. Like much of Hovercraft's music, there is an implied narrative at once pensive and playful, the dulcet piano injecting the song with a thread of ennui. The music video, directed by thespian Jaime Castaneda, gives the song an imaginative treatment that is sure to induce waves of nostalgia for anyone who grew up in Dallas.

There is a childlike magic in the video as the narrative unfolds about a young girl (played by local stage actress Jenny Ledel) working at the White Rock Skate Center who falls in love with a robot, a motif not unlike the one mined byanimated robots in Ishi's "Emotional Hard Drive"" target="_blank"> Ishi in their "Emotional Hard Drive" video from last spring. With the song as soundtrack, this story is sure to invoke memories o everything from birthday parties to first dates.

If you look closely, you can see a bevy of faces familiar to the Dallas stage skating around the rink, including Ian Ferguson and Anastasia Munoz. (There's even a cameo by the Kessler Theater in the opening scenes.) So, spend your Friday reminiscing about the good 'ol days, when you believed love was just one spin around the roller rink away.

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