NWA's D.O.C. is Getting His Old Platinum Records Back From a Plano Pawn Shop

The D.O.C., easily one of Dallas' most prized rappers, is getting what's owed to him. After having lost touch with five platinum records over the years, he's finally going to get them back -- from Top Cash Pawn in Plano. How did we get here? Well, the D.O.C. left the records with a friend during a move years ago, and the friend was apparently strapped for cash and pawned them for a loan in 2009. He stopped making payments in 2014, says Top Cash Pawn's owner Taylor Packwood.

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After the store went through a recent remodel, Packwood displayed the records prominently at the store. He says they were never up for sale, as the pawn shop has a number of rare items, like sports memorabilia that are displayed just for show for the customers. "If we were to sell it, nobody would ever see it," Packwood says.

A fan of the D.O.C.'s saw the records displayed and got in touch with the rapper on social media. Packwood says soon after that encounter, the D.O.C.'s agent called asking if he could get his records back. Packwood is happy to get them back to their rightful owner, and for free.

"There's a million other ways to make money," Packwood says. He remarks that this sentiment comes from the old adage: Do unto others as you want done to you.

The D.O.C. plans to come from his current home in Los Angeles to pick them up while he's in town for his daughter's recital.

Back in the late 80's the D.O.C. was a member of the Fila Fresh Crew, who had a few tracks appear on the compilation N.W.A. and the Posse that essentially sparked the wave of West Coast hip-hop. In no time he was in with Dr. Dre and the rest of N.W.A. ghostwriting. His debut album No One Can Do It Better came out in 1989.

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Just a few months after the release of his debut, The D.O.C. got into a car accident that damaged his larynx, which would forever alter his voice. He's still recorded music despite that and continues to work with Dr. Dre. Perhaps no one really can do it better.


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