Ozzy Osbourne To Sign Copies Of I Am Ozzy At The Northwest Highway Barnes & Noble Next Saturday

Last night, I finally got around to starting Ozzy Osbourne's just-released autobiography, I Am Ozzy, which, no surprise here, is already a New York Times best-seller. And, this morning, the Barnes & Noble here in Dallas on the Northwest Highway has confirmed some big news on that front: The Ozz-man himself will be appearing in the store next Saturday, February 27, to sign copies of the book.

[Cue devil's horns being triumphantly thrust in the air.]

I'm only a couple chapters in, but, thus far, the book's pretty much as entertaining a read as you'd expect from Ozzy's drug-addled mind--which is to say that it's very entertaining. Revealing, too. Ozzy admits in the book's first few pages that, thanks to drug abuse in the '70s and '80s, his accounts of the stories he shares are probably a little skewed. But, between you and me: That all just makes his takes on these tales all the more entertaining.

I dunno, I just think he's just a crazy interesting guy. I've been fortunate enough to interview Ozzy in the past, and he indulged me in talking with me some 20 minutes past our allotted time. Pardon my pulling back of the curtain here, but--fanboy alert!!!--I think he's just the coolest.

And I'm not the only one who thinks so: At an L.A. bookstore signing earlier this month, some 3,500 fans showed to meet the legend in the flesh. Expect a similar mob scene at next weekend's signing.

After all, it's Ozzy's first time back to the Dallas area since Ozzfest was hosted in Frisco in 2008.

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