Why Stone Temple Pilots Are Better with Chester Bennington

From day one, despite achieving mammoth levels of success during the grunge and alternative explosion of the 1990s, Stone Temple Pilots have been damned if they do and damned if they don't. Scott Weiland's throaty growl and bug-like sunglasses? How very Layne Staley of him. The band's riff-heavy sound on Core and Purple? Completely derivative of bands like Pearl Jam. The entire Tiny Music... experience? Hey, we all enjoyed it better the first time when it came from The Beatles or The Rolling Stones. No. 4? Ah, so this is what happens when you cannot carve out your own artistic niche and are forced to go back to the alternative rock anthems that got you on the map in the first place ... the same ones people criticized you for because of their lack of originality. Shangri-La Dee Da? More like I don't want to touch this with a 10-foot pole. And on it goes.

By Brian Palmer

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Brian Palmer
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