Half Price Books, Second Chapter: Borders's Future May Include Selling Used Books

Sooner than later, of course, there will be but one Borders left in Dallas -- the Lovers and Greenville location, spared, so far, from closure following the company's Chapter 11 filing a few weeks ago. The other two locations, in Preston Royal and the West Village, are well into their clearance sales. This weekend we noticed men on street corners holding 30- to 50-percent-off placards -- up (or is that down?) from the initial 20-to-40-off discounts initially offered. So now Borders is a half-price bookseller. And it may be again.

In today's Wall Street Journal, Borders president Mike Edwards gives his first interview since bankruptcy and hints at the future of what remains of Tom and Louis Borders's company:

Mr. Edwards said that he would like to have 15,000 square feet reserved for books. Remaining space could go to a cafe, children's books and educational toys and games, and consumer electronic products. Borders may also seek to add used books, an area that Mr. Edwards said is doing well online.

My wife and son went to the Preston Royal location this afternoon; spring break and all. And still they left with nothing -- not even the $20 stool on sale on the other side. Unlike when they go to the actual Half Price Books.

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.