Hi-Def Comedy Jam

I fear this kind of news--because I know I'll have to see it at some point--but this morning came word of a high-definition movie shot in Dallas called The Long Shot, touted as "the second time anyone has successfully created a feature-length movie in one continuous shot (no breaks, one camera, all one scene)." Me, I like editing; any director will tell you that's where the movie's made. But, hey, everyone needs a gimmick, and it's been done once before with the dazzling yet stultifying Russian Ark in 2002, but that was filmed entirely in the Russian State Hermitage Museum and used some 200 extras as it wandered through the entirety of Russian history. The Long Shot has a slightly less impressive setting, according to the press release: "a neighborhood bar in the hour and a half before closing." The producer's Web site promises that it's "South Park meets Clerks while sitting in Cheers." Bar, meet ceiling. Good luck, fellas. Really. --Robert Wilonsky

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