Hobby Lobby Would Like Bible Museum in Dallas. But Nothing's a Guarantee.

So says Hobby Lobby president Steve Green in an interview published today by the Scripps Howard News Service, the latest media outlet to follow our Bible Boy as he prays for its genesis upon 22 acres near downtown Dallas. Green talks about quite a few things already familiar to the Friends of Unfair Park: the would-be museum's co-founder Scott Carroll; their purchase of the Codex Climaci Rescriptus; and the origins of the idea. Says Green: "We believe in the Bible and believe it's the most incredible book that's ever been written." (Jim, incidentally, feels the same way about The Accommodation; hence, his recently announced plans to build a shrine to his tome near the men's room at the Northwest Highway Half-Price.)

But when it comes to whether or not they'll build the National Bible Museum in Dallas, well ...

In the video above, posted last week, Hobby Lobby founder and CEO David Green says, yes, he'd like it to be in Dallas. But Steve's a little less committal in the story today:

Green said Dallas is the top of museum leaders' list of possible sites.

"That doesn't mean that if another great location in another metro area came up, we wouldn't look at it, though I think it needs to be one of the larger metro areas in the country, and I think they would agree as well," Green said.

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