Who Watches the Director's Cut of Watchmen? Well, Dallas, For Starters.

Pardon the early-a.m. geekout; no doubt, there will be real news to follow shortly. But first this announcement: Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons's Watchmen are making their way back into theaters on Friday, July 17, in but four cities -- Los Angeles, New York, Minneapolis and, of course, Dallas. But it's the 25-minutes-longer version, the director's cut to which Zack Snyder has added back 25 minutes of missing footage, including the sequence involving the death of the original Nite Owl. (Just nod and pretend you understand.)

Course, the Blu-ray and DVD are out the following Tuesday, but I'm willing to give Watchmen another shot on the big screen -- if only to see if, in its latest iteration, it's no longer the only movie in history that's at once too short and too long.

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