Not Every Spot Is About Booze: Head Here for a Good Drink Without Alcohol

Enjoy a beer without the booze.
Enjoy a beer without the booze. Taylor Adams
We’re a few weeks into Lent now, and if you chose to give up alcohol for 40 days, surely, you’re feeling like you’re missing out, especially given the number of bars and restaurants in Dallas.

If that’s the case for you, or you’re a non-drinker, there are still a good number of bars, restaurants and venues where you can get non-alcoholic beers. And as for what that is: The process of non-alcoholic beer brewing is similar to that of regular beer. It contains barley, grain and hops, just like actual beer. However, following the maturation stage of the brewing process, the brewers heat the beer up to the boiling point, thus cooking the alcohol out of the beer.

Just because you aren’t drinking alcohol doesn’t mean you have to miss out on the joy of slamming down a cold one. Here are 10 bars and restaurants where you can enjoy non-alcohol beers and alternatives.

Dallas Farmers Market

920 S. Harwood St. (downtown)

On just about every Saturday and Sunday, you can find a SoCo booth, with various flavors of non-alcoholic beer. This spring, look out for flavors such as jalapeño-lime and cucumber-mint.

The Dubliner

2818 Greenville Ave. (Lower Greenville)

If you’re looking to get into Irish spirits in time for St. Patrick’s Day, look no further than The Dubliner. They don’t have a wide selection of non-alcoholic beers, however, the non-alcoholic Erdinger beer tastes just like regular beer.

East Side

117 E. Oak St., Denton

We get it. You’re in a college town, and it doesn’t help that St. Patrick’s Day and spring break are within the same week. Luckily, you can fight temptation at Denton’s East Side, where they have SoCo-based cocktails and other non-alcoholic beers by the bottle.

The Libertine

2101 Greenville Ave. (Lower Greenville)

Still out and about on Greenville Avenue? Pop into the Libertine, where they also have Erdinger. They don’t really sell many of them, we’re told, so you’re almost guaranteed to be able to crack open a cold one.

Open Palette

400 N. Olive St. (downtown)

Located inside the Sheraton in downtown, Open Palette is a cute, lounge-y bar with colorful decor. Renowned brewing company Anheuser-Busch, Inc. sells the non-alcoholic beer called O’Doul’s at Open Palette. It’s perfect for when you’re at a conference at the Sheraton, but can’t drink in the middle of the day.

The People’s Last Stand

5319 E. Mockingbird Lane, Suite 210 (Mockingbird Station)

While this artsy little Mockingbird Station bar doesn’t offer non-alcoholic beers, they can make you just about any cocktail you want, sans alcohol. Oftentimes, any cocktail based with Champagne or beer can be easily alternated to include Topo Chico in place of the spirit.


2121 McKinney Ave. (Uptown)

Just because you’re feeling a bit bougie doesn’t mean you have to indulge in heavy craft cocktails. You can order a variety of SoCo-based cocktails, as well as other non-alcoholic beers. Make it a night to remember — you know, one you’ll actually remember.

The Rustic

3656 Howell St. (Uptown)

Staying sober at concerts can be tough, but The Rustic carries Texas Select, a premium collection of tea, coffee and non-alcoholic beers. Grab a drink and enjoy a show in the backyard. Don’t miss out on the fun.

Sidecar Social

5100 Belt Line Road (Far North Dallas)

When a large portion of Far North Dallas is an endless number of chain restaurants and bars, refraining from drinking alcohol can be a challenge. Luckily, at Sidecar Social, you can try a cocktail called the limey, which contains ginger ale, strawberry puree and tones of lime. Tastes as citrusy as a cold Coro — never mind.

Sixty Vines

500 Crescent Court, Suite 160 (Uptown) and 3701 Dallas Parkway, Plano

Although Sixty Vines is known for having various different wines on tap, you can also order kombucha on tap. It’s not exactly beer, but it’s fizzy, fermented and good for your digestive system.
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