Brunch at E Bar Is Mostly About the Margaritas

The potatoes are the best part of this plate.
The potatoes are the best part of this plate. Taylor Adams
E Bar Tex-Mex is a good enough go-to for strong margaritas and meeting up with a friend on the way home.

But you can also hit it for brunch — or breakfast food any time of day.

And thankfully, you can still get margaritas even if you are having the first meal of your Sunday, because the brunch menu won’t inspire you to ask for seconds.

This little breakfast menu, served anytime, has just seven items, all of which come with flour or corn tortillas (which are fine, by the way). You’ll find the expected migas ($9.50) and huevos rancheros ($9.50).

But you can also get the huevos ranchero con carne guisada ($13.50). Two fried eggs sit on corn tortillas topped with an allegedly spicy ranchero sauce. The usual thing happened when ordering eggs over medium: They came out over easy. The watery sauce itself falls short in any real flavor, making that side of the plate (especially if you don’t love runny eggs) negligible.

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Huevos ranchero con carne guisada
Taylor Adams
The other side of the plate comes with carne guisada — stewed meat that doesn’t punch with flavor but is just good enough to be called comfort food. There are refried beans, but more important, there are Mexican potatoes that are perfectly greasy with just enough onion: They’re the best part of the plate.

Fajitas con huevo is just that: chunks of grilled beef or chicken scrambled with your egg ($10.50). Again, there’s not a ton of flavor — with the chicken, anyway. If you take it as if you’re getting some decent protein while you focus on the potatoes on the plate in between sips of a margarita, it’s fine.

It seems like lots of people love this place, and there’s something charming about it. It’s one of those places you’ll return to even though you know the food’s just OK.

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It's a good spot to drink margaritas and fill up on queso.
Taylor Adams
This place is regularly busy — it has an atmosphere you can’t help but just feel comfortable in, whether you’re on the patio or in the small interior. Plus, the margaritas are strong and the loaded queso is solid. What more do you really need beyond that, any time of day?

E Bar Tex-Mex, 1901 N. Haskell Ave., Suite 120 (Old East Dallas). Open 11 a.m. to midnight Sunday-Monday; 11 a.m. to 2 a.m. Tuesday-Saturday.
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Taylor Adams has written about the restaurant industry for the Dallas Observer since 2016. She attended Southern Methodist University before covering local news at The Dallas Morning News.