A Guide to Local Craft Beers

Peticolas' taproom is a must-visit for Dallas beer fans.
Peticolas' taproom is a must-visit for Dallas beer fans. Beth Rankin
It wasn’t that long ago that Dallas-Fort Worth was without a selection of craft breweries, with only mass-produced brews distributed while the availability of craft beers was little to none. Now we have an array of quality craft brews spread throughout the greater Dallas-Fort Worth area, with the number drastically increasing each year.

The selections of craft beer are now immense and quite daunting for newcomers compared with their previous favorites. Many give up before even trying, then go ahead and order their usual while watching their friends sip on all sorts of good-looking candidates. If you are one of these lost souls, then this list of locally crafted beers for newbies is for you.

Legal Draft Beer Company’s Nowhere But Texas: American Lager, 4.2%

500 E. Division St., Arlington

This is a great brew for those transitioning from the mass to craft, with a straw-golden hue that's light and refreshing while presenting aromas of fresh grains, earthy notes and a hint of lemon peel. Exhibiting flavors of fresh-baked bread with a touch of sweetness, this has citrus-like characteristics that finish off crisp and clean.

Deep Ellum Brewing Company’s Deep Ellum Lager: American Lager, 4.8%

2823 St. Louis St. (Deep Ellum)

Deep Ellum provides a little twist to the American lager while still maintaining its approachability for the common lager drinker. This lager is brewed with rye and Czech hops that give it earthy, floral and pale malt aromas with a hint of lemon peel toward the back end. It's a straw-colored brew with each sip providing a slight citrus kick with a balanced, cereal character followed by a hint of spice and malty sweetness.

Community Beer Company’s Texas Lager: American Lager, 4.0%

1530 Inspiration Drive (Design District)

This light lager is definitely one of the top picks for newbies, as it presents a light straw color with aromas of light, bready malt characters and a touch of floral and earthy notes. This light body brew must be served cold to display flavors of fresh-baked bread and hints of floral hops that finish dry and crisp.

Martin House Brewing Company’s Martin House Pils: Premium American Lager, 4.2%

220 S. Sylvania Ave., Fort Worth

An easy drinking and light-bodied lager, this is a straw hue that emits aromas of citrus notes, lemon peel and a pale malt tone. Flavors of light biscuit notes and malt sweetness initially show up, followed by hints of lemon and a touch of herbal.

Texas Ale Project’s Payne Pils: Citrus Pilsner, 5.5%

1001 N. Riverfront Blvd. (Design District)

This light lager is a pale straw color and provides you with citrus-hop aromas, notes of lemon peel and fresh-baked bread characteristics. A light bodied brew, this features plenty of citrus flavor with hints of biscuit and herbal notes that finish off crisp and clean.

Lakewood Brewing Company’s All Call: Kolsch, 5.2%

2302 Executive Drive, Garland

Staying within the golden color spectrum, this brew delves into another style that presents aromas of toasted grains and herbal hops, followed by a hint of lemon peel in the backdrop. This brew is light-bodied, providing flavors of lightly toasted cereal notes with a touch of citrus and earthy characteristics that finish off with a light bitterness profile and dry.

Panther Island Brewing Company’s Tailgator: Cream Ale, 4.8%

501 N. Main St., Fort Worth

Still remaining in the lighter color spectrum, this ale has a golden hue and features aromas of corn and lightly toasted grains. Each sip presents light, toasty and earthy characteristics with hints of lemon and malt-sweetness toward the back end. This ale finishes off clean and crisp with a light bitterness profile.

Peticolas Brewing Company’s Bicycle Pump Pils: German-Style Pilsner, 5.8%

1301 Pace St. (Design District)

Stepping back into the lager zone, this limited-release pilsner that features a straw-golden complexion whiffs of pale malts along with notes of lemon and honey. This is a light bodied brew that provides flavors of fresh grains and lemon with hints of corn and honey sweetness that finishes off dry and crisp.

Shannon Brewing Company’s Tejas Light: Mexican-Style Lager, 4.3%

818 N. Main St., Keller

Concluding the list is a Mexican-style lager that is light and refreshing, perfect for those Dos Equis and Modelo lovers out there. Not only does this brew feature characteristics of a traditional Mexican lager, but it's set on the lighter side of things with a straw color and light body. Providing aromas of freshly ground grains along with hints of earthy characters and malt sweetness, each sip features pale malt notes with a touch of sweetness and slight herbal tones that finish off dry and crisp.
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