Frankie's Peach Tea Cocktail Is Perfect for a Never-Ending Summer Afternoon on the Patio

Summer may be over, but drinks that give us the summer feels (since, you know, it's still 85 degrees outside) are still game in our book. That's what makes Frankie's Downtown's Peach Tea Cocktail perfect for summall (kind of the brunch of seasons). A little sweet, a little citrus, and plenty of sweet tea — sounds kind of perfect.

Grab one on their patio and enjoy the hustle of Main Street or, since it's a pretty easy cocktail, mix one up at home for the last day of laying out by the pool.

Peach Tea Cocktail
2 oz. Deep Eddy Peach Vodka
0.5 oz. fresh-squeezed lemon juice
10 mint leaves
10-12 large blueberries
Sweet tea

In shaker tin, muddle blueberries, mint leaves and lemon juice. Add Deep Eddy. Give a quick shake. Strain into a mason jar full of ice. Top with sweet tea. Garnish with mint and fresh blueberries.

Frankie's Downtown, 1303 Main St.

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