Fry Master Abel Gonzales Jr. Teaches Us How to Make Fried Cookie Dough

Last week, my friend told me about a batch of cookies she made with Oreo cookies crumbled inside them. "It's a cookie in a cookie!" Pretty impressive. But what would obviously be more impressive? We had to fry it.

(begin Ghostbusters parody) "Who you gonna call? FRIED JESUS!!"

It would be hubris to attempt this without first consulting the fried oracle himself, Abel Gonzales Jr, who won the 2007 Big Tex Choice Award for Best Taste with his fried cookie dough). Amazingly for all of us, The Fried Dude obliged.

Here's Fried Jesus' Fried Cookie Dough recipe, y'all. Warning: Gooooooooood.

Fried Jesus' Fried Cookie Dough (All directions straight from The Mister Abel Gonzales Jr himself)

1) Make your cookie dough, cutting the fat in 1/2. (So, if the recipe calls for a stick of butter use half.) Also cut the sugar by a bit (use your best judgement). You're going to add powdered sugar and maybe chocolate syrup to it at the end, so you really don't need the full sugar blast from your recipe.

2) Freeze balls of cookie dough. (You want them a little bit smaller than golf ball-sized.)

3) Drink some beer and come back to get them out of the freezer when you're feeling buzzed.

4) Use pancake mix for the crust. Make your batter thicker than for pancakes but not like mud. You can add a little vanilla to give it an extra kick.

5) Batter up your golf ball cookie dough and fry at 360 degrees untill golden. Ideally you will get a nice crust and the inside will be about room temperature or slightly cooler.

6) Pour some chocolate syrup on those bad boys and shake some powdered sugar on them (maybe play some Toby Keith) and you'll swear you're on the Midway.

This recipe turns out perfect, you guys. Especially if you drink the recommended beers. Our only change for next time is to consult a golfer on how big a golf ball actually is, because our fried cookie doughs turned out a little large for our lady mouths (I pre-empt your "That's what she said"). When you're scooping your cookie dough into balls in step two, they'll look small but remember that additional layer of pancake they'll have around them when they're done. Or just make them giant and nut up and eat them like we did.

Fry! It! Fry! It! Fry! It!

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