Get Your Shochu-Based Flu Shot at Street’s Fine Chicken

This is a flu shot we'd get in line to get.
This is a flu shot we'd get in line to get. courtesy Street's Fine Chicken
Flu season is pretty aggressive this year, and if you haven’t gotten your flu shot, what the hell are you waiting for? We're big advocates of the flu shot ... and even more so of the Flu Shot coming from Street’s Fine Chicken that will inject you with a healthy dose of shochu.

Shochu is a spirit coming to us from Japan and is the big brother of sake. Like sake, this liquor is usually made from rice, buckwheat or barley, but instead of fermenting it, it’s distilled to give us about a 25% liquor. We’re seeing this spirit pop up around town, and we’re ready to stand in line for this shot at Street’s Fine Chicken.

To make this off-menu cocktail a bit more offbeat, they add chicken stock to the shochu, then round it out with lemon, ginger and pepper. We’ll call it the Japanese Hot Toddy.

The Flu Shot ($7): Shochu, chicken stock, lemon, ginger, pepper
This cocktail is available by request year-round.

Street’s Fine Chicken, 3857 Cedar Springs Road (Cedar Springs)
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Susie Oszustowicz