Girl Drink Drunk: Cherry Vodka Limeade

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"If you like Calvin Klein's Obsession, you love Designer Imposters' Confess." "If you like Acqua di Gio, you'll love Designer Imposters' Mascolino." Yeah, uh huh. And I suppose that Liza impersonator does Cabaret just as good as the real Broadway loon, and that Velveeta tastes something like actual cheddar.

So why in the hell would I try to make homemade a drink someone's already perfected? Same reason I'd buy fake perfume and hire an impersonator. Because I'm cheap (although I'd never choose processed cheese food over real cheese, for the record). I'd give you the line and say I was just frugal, but that wouldn't be the real deal...despite said deal's comparable scent and talent.

Before a delicious Friday night dinner out with my boy at a neighborhood restaurant (that shall remain nameless because I just have to use it for a future column), I enjoyed one of the establishment's frozen cherry vodka limeades. I mean, I really, really enjoyed it. The blend of Three Olives Cherry Vodka, lime and cherry was so refreshing, sweet, appropriately sour and downright tasty that it might be my favorite girl drink yet. And, even the boy liked it.

But, alas it came in a wee champagne flute and runs a steep $8 a pop. So...I allowed my handsome to treat me to a single serving, then vowed to create my own similar concoction.

My book club meeting the next day provided the perfect occasion to get some girls soused on my imitation libation. I supplied classic red Solo cups, into which I poured Smirnoff Black Cherry Twist Vodka over ice (they were out of the Three Olives at the store, but seeing as how I heart anything cherry-flavored, I was still happy), filled up with Simply Limeade (I didn't juice fresh limes since I was in someone else's kitchen) and topped off with a few maraschino cherries and splash of their juice. Shake or stir, depending on your own set-up.

My first round was decidedly weak. Melissa finished hers but wasn't near tipsy...even if she was, our book selection involved some bizarre literary history and a little self-mutilation (always fun!) and it could have sobered anyone. But I concurred the ade needed more vodka and made Pia's and my second round with a heavier hand. Much better. Stephanie and P both said they liked it, and being straight-forward lasses, I feel sure they'd tell me if it sucked. (Oh, and Jackye made us homemade strawberry ice cream so she deserves mention just for that.)

And, I must admit, I had another just last night in order to get some photos of the drink...and--oh who am I kidding?--because I just wanted one.

Heading into the heat waves, this drink is so easy, relatively cheap (even cheaper if you make your own limeade) and readily virginized for kiddos and straights, that it's a perfect party drink. It'll be my go-to this season, even if I can't make it in a slush machine like the original is done. I'll just keep cherries, vodka and limes around and I'm set. Or, if I don't have the ingredients on hand, I suppose I could just go to Braum's or Sonic and add hooch when I get home...but where's the fun in that?

Though, it would be the ultimate in my new business venture: Drinker's Imposters.

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.