Hash House A Go Go’s Bucket Happy Hour Should Be on Your Bucket List

One of Plano’s newest eateries, Hash House A Go Go, bills itself as “twisted farm food," but the only thing twisted about this place is anyone who would choose not to experience happy hour. Let us paint a picture: inexpensive drinks every day of the week alongside buckets — actual buckets — of snacks. 

We’ll start slow. The daily happy hour (3-6 p.m.) offers select drinks for $3 — think light drafts, a couple house wines and well cocktails. While the delivery of their liquors “on the rocks” leaves a little something to be desired (the drink above was delivered looking downright sad in a full size glass with a hint of ice), it’s still a hearty pour for just three bucks. They don’t even relegate you to the bar to get early evening boozed-up — happy hour pricing is offered throughout the restaurant.

Now we’ll get crazy. During happy hour, in addition to drinks, Hash House allows you to order buckets of chicken tenders, pork tenders or fries, crocks of crispy deep-fried chickpeas or bacon mac and cheese and an embarrassingly large plate of nachos, all for just $5 each. 
In the name of research, we boldly ordered the entire happy hour menu — yes, all the buckets. Pork eater? Get their Bucket o’ Pig, served with a barbecue cream that begs to be tried on everything. Follow that up with a Bucket o’ Chicken or (and?) a Bucket o’ Taters — either sweet potato or traditional — served with the most hauntingly delicious ghost habanero aioli. The fries are damn addictive thanks to the perfectly crispy skin and warm potato insides.

Of the six options, we'd order all but the nachos again. (We live in Dallas — leave the TexMex to the pros.) The one item missing from this heavenly happy hour? Hash House's Bacon, Bacon, Bacon appetizer. It’s five strips of perfectly crispy, thick bacon with brown sugar, Hash House seasoning and black pepper.
Be forewarned — if you plan to dive into this happy hour (which you should), you better say “bucket” to your diet. The portions at Hash House are monstrous, and their happy hour options are no different. 

Hash House A Go Go, 1900 Preston Rd #343, Plano, 972-867-4646, hashhouseagogo.com
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Susie Oszustowicz

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