How to Cook a Perfect Omelet With Brian Luscher

So you think you can make the perfect omelet? Brian Luscher summed it up best when I interviewed him at Luscher's Red Hots recently. The dish isn't particularly difficult or complicated; it just requires some finesse. Anyone with basic sauté skills can figure out how to make an omelet in their own kitchen in just a couple of tries, but change the pan, heat source or other variable and you'll have to learn all over again.

The effort is absolutely worth it, though, because most restaurants don't put in the effort to serve a properly prepared omelet. Even at The Mansion — Dallas' bastion of fine French cuisine — I was served a dud. Luscher's tips include copious amounts of butter, a well heated pan and a willingness to eat a lot of eggs as you hone your technique. While steel pans are traditional, he also endorses the ease of a non-stick pan, especially for beginners.

Finished, the perfect omelet is pale yellow, with no browning on the surface which would alter the texture and flavor. It's loosely set, slightly weepy, and jiggles when you shake it as you'll see in this video. Serve yours with a tangle of arugula dressed in lemon and some fruity olive oil and dinner is done. You'll never hit the omelet station at your local buffet again. 

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